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Where to Buy Adipex-P 37.5 mg Tablets & Capsules

Phentermine hydrochloride or phentermine is one among the many supplements widely available in the market today. Adipex is the brand name for this supplement. Adipex 37.5 mg is the most common dosage recommended for phentermine. But anyways dosage will be different for different individuals. It will depend on health factor for which the supplement is prescribed, doctor’s recommendation, and the situation of the individual.

Phentermine is prescribed only for obese and severely overweight individuals. Since Adipex-p is a controlled substance it can be purchases only through prescription.

Buy Adipex-P 37.5 mg Tablets & Capsules


When it comes to weight loss many people have already used it and got results. But still there is no proper scientific evidence which explains how this supplement works and results in weight loss. Some studies have reported that it has the ability to trigger nerve impulse transmissions in the brain by acting as a appetite suppressant.

Actually it stimulates the release of norepinephrine which is a neuro transmitter in the brain. Since this results in creation of a fullness sensation, individuals will not feel hungry. This is the way phentermine works as an appetite suppressant. But strictly this medication should be used only in case of exogenous obesity that too for short term only. In this situation people are obese and are at a risk of developing life –threatening weight related conditions. Some of the issues may be type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. In this condition usually traditional diet methods or activities will not help in weight loss. So people are prescribed with phentermine.

Adipex 37-5 is available both in tablets and capsules form. The capsules are available in 30 mg dosages, 15 mg sustained release, and even as resin complex. The tablets are available in 37.5 mg and 30 mg dosages. 37.5 mg tablets of Adipex-p are considered as average dose. But in some cases people may have start with lesser dose as well.

To avoid negative effects of Adipex-p doctors usually suggest not chewing or breaking the capsules. If it is a dispersible tablet then it should be placed on the tongue. It should dissolve on the tongue. Later the particles can be swallowed without or with water.

Side effects of using Adipex:

In majority of the users Adipex-p will not cause any side effects if they follow the instructions. So commonly it is considered as safe. But before starting the dose one should discuss with their physician about the possible adverse reactions, interactions, cautions, and contradictions.

There possible side effects of Adipex-p include,

  • The side effects related to cardiovascular systems include high blood pressure, pulmonary hypertension, accelerated heart beat, and palpitations.
  • It may cause side effects like dry mouth, gastrointestinal tract disturbances or discomfort, unpleasant taste, and altered sense of smell and taste.
  • It may cause some issues in central nervous system as well. Some of them are them are dizziness, headaches, sensation of euphoria, insomnia, sensation of dysphoria as well.
  • Other major side effects being erectile dysfunction and altered libido.