Health Care

Tips for Buying Health Coverage

In this time, it’s definitely not a good idea to live life without health insurance. Finding the right health insurance policy for you and your loved ones is the ultimate goal. Not only will you be financially secure from expensive medical bills, but you and your family will be able to seek the health care that they need in order to stay healthy. There are various health insurance providers out there with discounted health insurance premiums. Finding the right health coverage for you and your family is only a few clicks away.

Gather All Necessary Info

When applying for health insurance online, you’ll need to have all of the necessary information to provide to the health insurance agency. Now, before you begin the underwriting process with different health insurance providers, you can check out sites like LIQ, which allow you to view multiple quotes from different providers around the country. This makes the process of comparing health coverage easy and quick. On the comparison website, you will only need to provide information about the age, gender, smoking status and coverage desired. If you’ll be adding additional people to your health insurance policy, you will need to have such information for them as well. Once you find the provider you’d like to get a premium from, you can begin the underwriting process online. You will be asked information about the current health, medical history and family medical background. Even if you had an illness once in the past three years and was cured, they want to know about this. In order to avoid getting charged more on your health insurance premium, you can have the pre-existing conditions excluded from your policy. This means that you will receive no coverage for medical bills associated with those conditions. Health insurance agencies look into your medical history for the past 3 years.

Buying Health Coverage

Make sure you don’t give out inaccurate information because it could bring a judgment against your for fraud. This is a serious matter — insurance fraud cases are a big deal and something that you don’t want to be involved in. So avoid withholding information and give all the information you can. If there’s something you can’t remember, let them know. When you sign that policy, you are stating that you are giving all accurate information to the  best of your knowledge.

Pre-existing Health Conditions

There are various pre-existing conditions that are looked into by health insurance companies. Agencies have guidelines that allow them to recognize “red flags” during the underwriting process. Some of the red flags that health insurers look out for include heart problems, mental health problems and terminal illnesses. In some cases a recurring illnesses that you haven’t received treatment for within the past year can sometimes be covered, even though it is a condition that is pre-existing. Health insurance agencies are more worried about conditions that will keep you constantly in the hospital throughout the year because this is more money that the insurer will have to come up with to help pay for the medical bills. Pre-existing conditions can be excluded in order to lower your monthly payments for your health insurance premium.

Options for Group Health Insurance

With group health plans, you are just about guaranteed approval because there are no medical history checks for pre-existing conditions. In a group health insurance plan, you aren’t able to customize the plan, but everyone can get access to the benefits after enrollment. There is an enrollment period, which requires you to enroll during that time in order to get coverage. All the info you need to get group coverage is your age, gender and use of tobacco. The premium you receive for your group coverage is based on that given info and the coverage your employer has chosen. You’re not able to choose the deductibles, co-insurance or coverage types in a group health insurance plan.

Choosing Deductibles

On an individual health insurance policy, you are given the option of choosing the deductibles for your health plan. In order to adjust the premium rate you receive from a health insurer that requires an annual deductible, you can adjust the deductibles you have chosen. If you’ve received a high rate for your policy, it’s because of the information given during the underwriting process. Insurers have risk factors that are known to raise the rates of premiums. By raising your deductibles, you can lower your monthly premium rate. Just be careful to pick a deductible that you’re able to afford.

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