Testosterone the steroid that endures strength as well

Though steroids are naturally occurring cyclic organic compounds their analogs like the synthetic steroids having properties and structural similarity to testosterone are used in aiding body building. They are anabolic agents that increase the development and maintenance of muscle cells increasing the bulkiness minus the fat. They are used worldwide by many athletes and body builders as working out is just not enough to gain that muscular physique without the aid of body building supplements and steroids. Basically a the anabolic steroids work by increasing protein synthesis and decrease in fat concentration getting your body rid of fat cells and in the process promoting growth of muscle cells which provide the characteristic bulky muscles appearance.


Testosterone is the naturally occurring steroid that is responsible for developing secondary sexual characters in men. They are responsible for reducing fat cells and increasing the growth of muscle cells and hence they are used. The synthetic versions of the steroids are used instead of the natural ones for this purpose and there are many brands delivering them in the market. One such steroid is D-aspartic acid which is taken orally and is believed to enhance protein synthesis. It has a great androgenic effect along with anabolic effect on the body which provides with strength along with muscle mass. Studies reveal that using this drug shows 40 percent increase in free testosterone.

Points to consider while using the steroid

With so many companies claiming the name, it is necessary to exercise caution when we purchase anabolic steroids off the company website, if we are to ensure that it is British Dragon that we are actually dealing with. Since steroids are drugs that have a profound impact on our general health, we should take care to buy only genuine and authentic products. Else we may compromise on our health and this can have long-term implications.

As with most of the steroids used dosage is always the concern with it as well where the dosage must not exceed 20 mcg. Prolonged usage of this steroid is believed to cause side effects including liver toxicity which will become normal once discontinued.

The half life of this steroid is only 3.5 to 4 hours which requires two dosages of this substance in a day. This is something of an advantage due to the short life of the steroid. Gastrointestinal pains are a possibility while you consume it and hence you are to take it during meals to avoid gastrointestinal pains. And it takes almost 90 minutes to get dissolved in blood once taken.

This steroid is referred to as the ‘mass steroid’ because a weight gain of 2 to 4 pounds per week is experienced. Also this steroid is known to aromatize quickly. The weight gain is basically due to the property of water retention, the aromatization and water retention can be controlled by using this steroid along with Tamoxifen and Proviron. Thus this steroid should never be taken without combining with other steroids.