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How to be a successful Associate Attorney

An associate attorney is recruited by a law firm but he does not hold ownership as a partner in the firm at least for three to ten years. Associate attorneys are the fresh hires who need to pay their dues before qualifying to become a partner. Before becoming a partner, they have to move from junior to senior position, wherein they spend a lot of their time on paperwork and research. If they fail to impress the organization with their work, they will be asked to resign from the firm. In order to be a successful associate attorney, one needs to excel in communication and interpersonal skills, be honest, transparent in their work and committed to the organization. They must have strong analytical skills and extensive knowledge in the legal field. They should be versatile and be willing to take initiatives in their work. Employers generally looks for associate attorneys who are capable to work both independently and in teams. Only associate attorneys with relevant certifications and license from the related state is hired by the law firms. Due to tough competition in the industry, most of the employers prefer associate attorneys who can manage several projects simultaneously and understand the necessity to maintain confidentiality. Multiple job listings have mentioned the tasks of providing extensive case-related research, presenting arguments and counter-arguments in court hearings, communicating and explaining complex legal procedures and concepts to the clients and preparing reports to keep all stakeholders updated about the case’s progress as the main tasks of an associate attorney.

We’ve searched the Web and found an interesting opportunity to help you explore a career as an Associate Attorney in Nevada. Law Office of Adam S Kutner Employment has a job opening to work hand in hand with the organization’s senior partner and other attorneys. The law firm is owned by Attorney Adam S. Kutner who started working as an insurance defense attorney in Las Vegas and has spent more than 26 years of his career in fighting for fair compensation for victims of personal injury in Nevada. Mr. Kutner has more than 20,000 personal injury cases to his title and is an expert in getting clients their settlement claims quickly and without any troubles. Mr. Kutner’s business philosophy is to treat all clients with respect, keep them updated and reduce their worries as much as possible. Having an empathetic attitude, he works immediately to get his clients the required reimbursement and compensation for their injuries. His law office has two associate attorneys – Bryan D. Ali and John P. Jimenez. Bryan D. Ali is a successful associate attorney who cares about minority clients and has defended clients in civil matters and negotiated favorable terms for clients in personal injury settlement claims. John P. Jimenez has specialization in representing Fortune 500 Companies, the City of Henderson, NV, Real Estate Investment Trusts and local businesses in matters such as insurance defense, corporate governance, premise liability, general liability, and product liability.