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Fat Loss Temporary Vs. Permanent

Are you planning to shed those extra kilos from your body?

Everyone wants that!

Fat loss or weight loss can be of two types- Temporary and permanent.

Let’s understand this concept!

Temporary fat loss is the condition where you are vulnerable to gain those lost fat again due to discontinuation of rigorous exercise regime. Losing fat permanently is where you are able to block the fat to come again.

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Tips to lose fat permanently!

  • Commitment

Never ditch you exercise regime no matter what. This will help your body understand the importance of daily eating and exercising regime. Eat heavier meal in lunch and lighter one at dinner.

  • Proteins

You can replace one time of your meal with protein intake. This will kick start your metabolism process. Protein shake, smoothies, etc can be considered.

  • High Fiber

Fiber intake will keep you feel full and will act as a scrubber to your blood vessels. It will flush all the toxins from your body. This will boost metabolism.

  • Exercise

This is the most important part if you wish to have a permanent fat loss. Exercise daily for one hour every day. A brisk walk can do wonders as well.

  • Sugar Intake

Have a sweet tooth? But you need to uproot it! Yes you read that right. Sugar intake needs to be made minimum if you wish to have a permanent fat loss

  • White Food

You need to stop eating any kind of white colored food except cheese and cauliflower.

  • Small Meals

Divide your food into 6 small sized meals. Eat something healthy in every 2-3 hours. This is a golden rule for permanent fat loss.

  • Liquid Intake

Increase your liquid intake as much as possible. Drink warm water after waking up in the morning. Juices and smoothies are a boon for people who wish to lose weight.

  • Energy Balance

Fat Loss Temporary

Make a routine to eat energy rich food. A handful of nuts and raisins will provide you required energy. This will help you feel full all day long if taken in regular intervals.

So this was it! If you wish to have a permanent fat loss do try above given tips. Don’t forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habit. Fill your meals with consistent ratio of energy, fiber and liquids. Hope you have a good fat loss journey!