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Enjoy The Fat Loss Properties Of Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol or Clen is a steroid-like substance that was primarily developed for the treatment of asthma in horses, relaxing the airways of the lungs. This drug is used both as a decongestant and a bronchodilator. In some countries, it is an approved asthma drug for the humans too. However, in the U.S., this substance is banned for use. It stimulates the heart and the central nervous system and its effects are similar to epinephrine and amphetamines on the body. This drug is a beta-2-agonist that leads to numerous effects such as rapid fat burning, increased energy, excitability and better determination.

Though it was initially used only as an asthma drug, later on, it became popular among the bodybuilders and the performance-enhancing athletes who wanted to lose weight. It is an effective weight loss drug as it can increase the metabolism of a person. Apart from reducing body weight, it enables the user to retain muscle mass and strength simultaneously. This is evident from the pictures of actual results in men who have used this medication for these properties. If this drug is used correctly, it can target the powerful and the stubborn areas where fat is stored. But to lose fat in the most stubborn areas, firstly, you must have to lose fat from the easier areas.

Fat Loss Properties Of Clenbuterol

Commonly used dosages

This drug is a powerful stimulant and therefore, it should not be used for a long time period without any break. Some users believe that a two day on followed by two days off dosing schedule is perfect for effective results. A better regime is a two week on and a two week off dosing cycle. This dosage cycle is normally continued till the goal is achieved. The user starts with an initial dose and enhances it by small dosages every few days till the maximum dosage is reached. The maximum dosage is continued in the final days of the cycle and thereafter, it is discontinued for another two weeks.

The two-week rotation dosage cycle of the drug is very effective but there lies a problem. During the period in which no drug is used, there is a decrease in the metabolic rate. As long as the user is dieting he tends to burn fat in the off-periods but no enhancement takes place after that. The continuous use of this drug is difficult for the body to adjust but if someone can use it, this compound produces remarkable results and keeps up the metabolism. Continuous use may not give massive increase but there will always be a steady enhancement. There will not be a single time when the user will not enjoy metabolism.

Few things to remember

Though this drug is a powerful fat-loss drug it is important to do regular exercise and follow a proper diet to get its maximum benefit. It is not a magic pill that will work by itself. Though the bodybuilders use it in the cutting cycle, many steroid users use it during the post-cycle therapy to maintain the muscle mass that was gained during the bulking cycle. Users experience a great fat-loss which is quite evident from the pictures of actual results in men but to get it, proper exercise and diet must be followed sternly.