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A Quick Guide To The Benefits Of BCAA’s

Feeling pain after a workout? You are not alone. A common physiological response to an intense workout is feeling exhausted in the hours and days after. To better address why this is happening, we look at DOMS as well as how BCAA’s can be used to counteract this downward slope. With the right dosage, your strength training routine can be sped up resulting in less downtime and pain.

Benefits Of BCAA’s

What Are BCAA’s?

BCAA’s are branch chain amino acids. BCAA’s act as the building blocks of your muscles, allowing you to add strength after a workout. They are responsible for letting your body enter the anabolic stage where muscle building occurs and can fight against fatigue and other naturally occurring processes that might slow this down.

Why BCAA’s?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS is the pain people feel after a workout where they experience pain and soreness after an exercise. DOMS is the one step backward from your two steps forward training, slowing you down and resulting in less progress as a result. BCAA’s can be used to help jumpstart your protein synthesis. They can reduce or even help to eliminate the BCAA effects. Because of this, BCAA’s are used by athletes and strength trainers the world over.

Proactive BCAA Use

BCAA’s are most often used immediately after a weight training session is through. Their use will continue through the training season. Along with BCAA’s being used retroactively to help reduce soreness and fatigue, their use is also seen as proactive thanks to how they provide more fuel to athletes. Longer and higher intensity workouts are two things that BCAA will provide.

BCAA’s & Cortisol/Testosterone

A final reason why people take BCAA is because it is responsible for not only reducing cortisol levels, but boosting testosterone levels as well. A study has shown that taking BCAA regularly was responsible for reducing the amount of cortisol that flooded into the system after exercise. It was also responsible for helping to increase testosterone nearly 50% above the baseline.

Plays Well With Others

It has been shown that BCAA’s play well with other supplements. It can fit well into bulking or cutting cycles as an overall aid that provides you the strength and energy you need in recovery. If nothing else, new research is constantly coming out on the supplementation of BCAAs, showing exciting findings regarding what BCAA’s can do for you. You can find BCAA’s in BCAA supplements at Supplement Express or any other online / local supplement store. Keep an eye out for these studies and supplement stores in the future and be sure to follow recommended dosages.